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VOIP is simply Voice over internet protocol. SIP is the raw element of VOIP. SIP stands for session internet protocol. Session meaning a call path, concurrent call, trunk, or line. Essentially VOIP trunks, SIP trunks, and POTS lines are sectioned off bandwidth to transmit a voice call.

Simple right? Well now you have considered the physical handsets or telephones. VOIP phones are typically just a terminal to transmit voice traffic is really just data. Most VOIP carriers offer encrypted VOIP over with their Hosted VOIP offerings, but not all include QoS (quality of service). QoS refers to voice quality and sometimes video quality or priority data quality. Latency can be area in a network, true network Qos solves the latency voice traffic issue.

SMS as everyone knows is texting from one device to another. Contact centers are moving towards more of a SMS marketing campaign vs traditional telemarketing.


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